Top FAQs that can help you take your Experience to the next level

  • 31 January 2023
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Once you get the hang of things, there are lots of little things you can tinker with in the Experience Manager to fit exactly what you are looking to do. 

Here are a few articles I would suggest taking a look at if you are looking to level up! 

How to change the order of my Missions? - This may seem like a simple how-to article but in actuality, it is filled with examples that will guide you on the best way to sort your Missions. Do you want your participants to strategize by points? Are you looking for a way to group Missions? Do you want to space out your participants so that they do not flock (pun intended) to one location? The answers are here! 

What are automations? - Automations are one of those features that seem daunting, but they are actually pretty simple once you get the hang of it! One of our favourite uses for automations is to create flash Missions that release for a short period of time and then expire. These are great to drive your participants into your Experience (if you have a longer Experience) or if you are looking for quick ways to break up the leaderboard points! Full instructions in the article. 

How do I hide my Experience from being searchable in the app?- By default, your experience will be visible in the app in Draft mode (don’t worry your Missions won’t be seen), but maybe you want to keep things under wraps for a little bit longer. No problem, you can hide your experience from being searchable in the app by name, only those with the join code will be able to find it! Make it searchable again when you are ready to go, or use this as an extra level of privacy for your Experience. 

Can I share the Activity Feed with someone who is not participating? - This one may or may not (depending if you are in the know!) be one of our better-kept secrets, but I am spilling the beans.👀
We have a feature that we can turn on that will allow you to share the Activity feed and Leaderboard with anyone outside of the app.

They can’t participate, but they can watch all the action happen - and even like submissions if they have a Goosechase account. This is often used by Creators to embed the activity feed into their website, share the Experience with parents or any way that you are looking to show off what is happening to those not participating. To enable, please contact our support team with your username and Experience name 😊

3 replies

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Hmmm. Really? Sounds interesting.

So...I might like this. I could maybe share this option with parents so that they can see what teenagers are doing in Driver’s Ed.

May I have this option?

Eric “MrBentley”

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@Amber looks like @MrBentley is looking to get some access to the shared activity feed secret feature ;) 

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@MrBentley I sent you a private message, let’s get your external activity tracker set up!