🔴 Watch Recording: Goosechase 101 for Higher Ed Student Services

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Calling all student services and student life departments! 😄 Are you looking for fun new ways to engage and activate your students? Join me for this flocktacular session where I’ll be honking about all the ways you can use Goosechase to transform your campus activities, orientations, and events into memorable adventures that keep students engaged and connected.

I’m super excited to invite you to join me Thursday, June 20 at 12PM PDT / 3PM EDT, for a conversation on how you can take student engagement to new heights. RSVP here!

Have questions or specific topics you’re curious about? Drop them below 👇

See you on June 20!

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ICYMI - Our next community event is this week! We’ll get into all the best ways to create memorable higher ed experiences with @Erin, including some helpful honks for the Experience Template Library and Mission Generator! 🤖 

RSVP below 👇 

See you on Thursday @shelby.schroeder @Bryant Museum @LadyLisa! 👋 

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🔴 Missed the event? You can watch the recording here 👇 



Or download the presentation deck PDF below! ⬇️  

Huge thanks to @Erin for sharing all her helpful honks to take student engagement to the next level! ⚡️

@shelby.schroeder @LadyLisa @Bryant Museum 

Are you most excited to use the Template Library or the Mission Generator? 🤩