Building Workplace Culture

  • 26 September 2023
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Hi everyone ✋🏾

Does anyone else ever get to the end of September and think “where did the year go?” 📅

I guess that's a clear sign that I've had a great year so far. I've definitely been blessed with some amazing opportunities.

I've been thinking out some of the discussions I've had at the conferences, webinars and podcasts where I had the privilege to speak and I thought I'd share some of those golden nuggets from my most recent talk at Culture Amp’s "Real Talk on Building Workplace cultures" webinar.

🌟 [Culture is] Every interaction, every communication, every policy and every hire...
🌟 It's the personality of your's the way your values show up each and every day.
🌟 Culture is determined not just by the people within our organisations but also by the societies and communities we serve.
🌟 If we're not intentional about setting culture, then we'll unintentionally set culture.

If you weren’t able to join the webinar and are interested in learning more, you can find a link to the recording here.

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