Mission Link and Photo Attachments

  • 13 March 2023
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Something that surprised our Product team this month was seeing our data indicate that over half of all Goosechase experiences (51.3% to be exact), contain at least 1 mission that included either an added link or an added photo attachment. In fact, about 10% of all missions created on Goosechase contain an added link, while almost 15% of missions contain an added photo attachment!


In our mind, the “core” of Goosechase missions had always been the text-based title and description fields. The link and photo attachment fields were of course available to supplement when creators needed to provide additional context to participants, but we had always primarily pictured media to be incoming from participants’ submissions while completing an experience, rather than something creators were overly concerned about when creating missions in the first place. It seems like there’s actually quite a significant desire from Goosechase creators to use media beyond text to describe mission requirements to participants.


What are some of the ways you’ve used the link or photo attachment fields to supplement your missions when creating a Goosechase experience? Are there any ways that the current creation options have restricted you from being able to fully realize your vision for a particular mission?



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Since my missions are primarily used as assignments in college classes, I use the link and photo to provide additional information to the student.  LInks usually provide supplemental or foundational information they may need in order to complete the mission such as access to the lecture notes or a infographic with terminology.  This allows for “just-in-time” information which is part of game-based learning.