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  • 5 January 2024
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Hi all! Is there a way to make it to where they can make multiple submissions to a mission? For example, if one of my missions is to take a picture of a one syllable word, can they find multiple pictures? Once she submitted one, the mission went away.

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Hi @Figura  👋

That is a great question, and I love this idea!

At the moment, each mission can only have one submission. 

Shhh..our team is currently tracking requests for this feature and we may decide to add it down the road! We’re just not quite there yet. 😉

With that said, you can add an unlimited number of missions to your Experience, so feel free to add duplicates of the same mission to allow participants to submit more than 1 submission.

We recommend naming each Mission with the same name with 'Part 1' and 'Part 2' included in the mission title. Here, let me give you an example:

Mission name: Silly Syllables [Part 1]
Mission Description: Take a photo of a 1 syllable word. Use the other ‘Silly Syllable’ Missions to upload as many as you can find. 

Mission name: Silly Syllables [Part 2]
Mission Description: Upload your second photo of a 1 syllable word. 

Mission name: Silly Syllables [Part 3]
Mission Description: Upload your third photo of a 1 syllable word. 

Hopefully that helps and gives you and idea for how collect multiple submissions for the same Mission!

Maybe some of our other creators have ideas and can comment below for how to incorporate this idea into your Experience. 👀

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Thank you! I’m so excited for the possibilities ahead.