Looking for mission ideas for an Easter Egg Hunt!

  • 28 March 2024
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Hi all! I am hosting a little Easter brunch this weekend and (more importantly) an EASTER EGG HUNT for my friends. We are of course going to use Goosechase! 🥚🐣🐰🍫

I have a lot of friends who live in my neighbourhood so we're making little egg-stations on each of their porches or back yards, so a mixture of GPS and photo missions. As well as finding eggs, I am adding some fun bonus missions as opportunities to earn extra points (e.g. snap a photo if you meet a neighbourhood cat along the way). I also want to make them do some silly things, e.g. film a video of themselves hopping like a bunny in the most public place possible.

Wondering if anybody has any ideas for other funny missions or side quests I could add in?

5 replies

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I love this idea!!! Making it fun/silly is sure to get some fun engagement and responses, too! 

What if you incorporated Peeps somehow, and asked participants to snap a fun scene using the Peeps and the environment/props/etc? Like a little Peeps diorama!

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This sounds like fun!

The first thing that came to mind was this older commercial.

It might be interesting to theme different elements around those animals? I like themes as they focus our creativity, but Easter is a pretty strong theme as-is.

Specifically, what missions I might do if I were holding this event:


  • Easter based riddles: What do you call a rabbit with fleas? Bugs Bunny
  • Rabbit trivia: What do you call a baby rabbit? Kit or kitten
  • Jelly bean guess: How many jelly beans are in the jar? (Leave the answer field blank in GooseChase and check the answers later to see who is closest)

Geo-fenced (GPS): 

  • Hide eggs in particularly devious places and use photos as clues. The GPS can be used to confirm that they’re roughly in the right area.
  • Find particular rabbit statues, artwork, or landmarks
  • If there’s an Easter parade, geo-fence it and use that to grant points for attending. Follow it up with a picture mission to confirm that they watched it.


  • Set up an egg decorating station so they can color their own eggs. Points can be awarded for participation or awarded later ranking them against each other.
  • Selfie wearing rabbit ears in a particular location, can be paired with GPS mission
  • Can also have a basket making stations so they can create their own basket awarding points similarly to the egg decorating above.
  • Find a real rabbit and take a picture of it
  • Selfie with spring flowers or spring flowers in the hair or a flower crown

I hope these suggestions help. Let us know how it went!

Tim, GameMaster of Nerdlandia PDX

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I love this idea!!! Making it fun/silly is sure to get some fun engagement and responses, too! 

What if you incorporated Peeps somehow, and asked participants to snap a fun scene using the Peeps and the environment/props/etc? Like a little Peeps diorama!

How could I forget Peeps!?!

Peeps are essential.

  • Short video of catching a Peep in the mouth from farthest away
  • Create some art using Peeps as a medium, not just the subject of a diorama (though diorama is a great idea!)
  • Build a tower of Peeps using only Peeps and toothpicks
  • Have a station with a mystery flavor of Peeps and have participants guess the flavor
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Thank you soooo much for all your amazing ideas!! The hunt was this weekend and was a huge hit! 

I LOVED the idea of an egg decorating station @NerdlandiaPDX  - I asked people to create and name their own team mascots using plastic eggs and sharpies and googly eyes, and had some very funny submissions!

We had a lot of fun hiding little glittery eggs 🥚, carrots 🥕 and chicks 🐥 around the neighbourhood, and handed out some hand-drawn paper maps with some geographical ‘clues’ overlaid (e.g. a 🚲 symbol showing the bike shop, a 📖 symbol showing the ‘little library’, a ☕️ symbol for the coffee shop). This helped give people an idea of radius so they didn’t wander too far and end up in an ‘egg-free’ zone! 

Some of the missions I included - other than simply finding the eggs/chicks/carrots: 

  • Create and name your team mascot (photo mission + text mission) - thanks for the idea @NerdlandiaPDX
  • Find the elephant and take a selfie with it (there is a house with an elephant fountain in their front yard) (photo mission) 
  • What does [address] have on their porch? (the answer was an owl statue) (text mission) 
  • Find a funny bumper sticker (photo mission)
  • Film yourself pretending to be a bunny and a chicken (video missions)
  • Sing a song by The Chicks (video mission) 
  • ‘Wrong season’ - find some Christmas decorations still up (photo mission) 
  • I hid a couple of big ‘golden eggs’ in very tricky to find locations, with codewords written on slips of paper inside them (text mission) - these were worth extra large points! 
  • My unexpectedly favourite mission was a bonus mission asking them to look out for a neighbourhood cat on their travels. Only 1x team was able to find an actual cat - the rest of them got creative and submitted videos of them pretending to be cats which was very funny (mostly for me 😆)

I didn’t have time to buy jelly beans but I loooove the idea of a “guess how many in the jar” for jelly beans or maybe mini chocolate eggs, and will definitely do that next time. We were thankfully really lucky with weather on the day, but it did occur to me that next time I should have provided more ‘indoor’ mission opportunities just in case it was raining. 


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This looked like a blast! I’m glad that the event was a success. Reach out anytime if you want a helping hand :)