How to get started with Goosechase?

  • 29 June 2023
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Hi, I am new to using Goosechase and interested in using it for a company-wide event for about 130 employees. It’s our annual company meeting and the only time everyone gets together in person each year, so we want to facilitate mingling and bonding with others outside their team. 

Has anyone used Goosechase for team building? Any tips that would make it a successful event? Thanks!


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Great question @Emilie 👏🏻

Any helpful honks to share @drgose @JRErickson @Said

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Hi @Emilie

Yes! Goosechase is used all the time for team building in almost anyway that you can imagine 😊

An easy way to encourage casual mingling in your Experience, is to create Missions that require participants to search for someone. For Example:

  • Find someone outside of your team who has the same shoes as you (or close to) and take a picture with them. 
  • Talk to other participants and find someone who works at a different branch than you. Act out their role at the company. 
  • Find someone wearing the same coloured shirt and take a video showing off a new secret handshake that you made together. 

Photo/video Missions are the best for engagement and creativity, while text Missions are best for testing their knowledge, and ideas:

  • Find someone from another branch, what company value speaks to you both the most? 
  • Speak to someone in a different team and ask them about their role, what is something that you learned? 

A successful event looks different in each Experience but the main things to consider:

  • How to get participants to join. Do you need to market ahead of time? Will they do this on arrival? The more participants you have join the more fun it is! We have a marketing kit here if needed! 
  • Variety. Ensuring that you have a good variety of the types of Missions and what the Missions are asking for. 
  • Quantity. You will be surprised by how competitive participants are. Add more Missions than you think you will need. Here is a great article which will help you to determine how many that may be for your Experience. 
  • Encouragement. Utilize bonus points, award prizes or awards. Anything to motivate participants to participate! 

We have templates to help you get started here, and case studies from successful team building Experiences, but feel free to post in the community to gather more ideas as you get started! 

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Thanks, @Amber for your thorough and helpful response! We are really excited to use Goosechase for our company event. Our team is definitely competitive, so this will be a perfect fit. Thanks for sharing all of the articles, case studies and marketing kit - super helpful as we map out all of our missions. I’ll reach out if I have more questions.