Embracing goose chase to develop awareness and promote bike trails.

  • 15 March 2024
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I ran across Goosechase while watching videos on YouTube last night and my head almost exploded :).  For a couple of years I have been trying to figure out how to get people out on bike trails to get healthy, improve mental health by being outside while building awareness of the many great small businesses on these same bike trails.  And to do this with minimal outside support/volunteers,

Right now I am trying to develop a business model to create and sponsor these Getting Dirty with Glenn (a brand I have developed since my wife passed away which includes, gardening, cycling and kayaking, hence the name) Wild Goose Chases.  I have so many questions thanks in advance for bearing with me… 

My wife passed away in January of 2023 and for the 34 years we were married, cycling on bike trails was a key part of our lives.  Since her passing I have embraced our love for cycling to simply help with my mental health tour this past year…..Those are the Cliff’s Notes of WHY!

I want to create Wild Goose Chases (new name since finding this last night) on various bike trails which would require participants to visit a lot of local businesses and locations in Mother Nature along the trail to promote the area.  My goal would be to get 100-200 on the first chase, but I can see this being much bigger.  I can't seem to find pricing for this on the website based on participants. 

Sponsors of the event would be part of my business plan as well and are there ways to provide them exposure on the app, missions or experience.

Too many more questions...but this is my starting point.

Thanks for letting me join this community.


2 replies


Hi Glenn 👋

Thanks so much for reaching out to us and sharing your story 💛 

My name is Joe, I’m a member of Goosechase team, and I help many of our partners shape their Goosechase Experience strategy for outdoor recreation, mental health and wellbeing, and community service initiatives. Goosechase is an excellent way to incentivize people to build positive healthy habits, find recreation activities in their local communities, and support local businesses and organizations.


I would love to chat and help with any questions you have, and hopefully we can work together to build something fun and impactful for you and your community. Feel free to reach out to me at, and we can find some time to connect this week! 🚵


I’m excited to hear more!


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I just sent you an email Joe