Duplicate Missions *within* an experience

  • 31 August 2023
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I’m wondering if it is possible to duplicate missions within an experiene. I know you can duplicate entire experiences and pull missions from previous experiences. But I want to create several versions of missions that are different in only a few ways so want to duplicate within a mission to save a lot of time. The only other way I’ve seen to do this is to cut and paste and create new each time which take a whole lot of work. Is there a way around this?


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2 replies

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Hey Dyresha, Vasanth from Goosechase here 👋🏽


Unfortunately there isn’t a way to directly achieve what you’re describing right now. However, other creators might have suggestions to save some time when duplicating missions.


FWIW, when I’m doing a task like this and copying/pasting multiple bits of information from one place to another, I use a clipboard manager tool - something like Pastebot on macOS or the Windows Clipboard Manager on Windows might help you too!

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We ran several experiences at once with many of the same missions.  To facilitate creating the experiences I made one just for the shared missions.  I never made it live, but it allowed the different creators to pull missions from that game without rewriting them.  Not exactly what you asked but it could be a work around.