City Tour Order (GPS missions)

  • 3 February 2023
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I'm currently looking if Goosechase will fit my intended purpose. I'd like to make a city tour in a certain order. I can't find an option to unhide GPS missions based on earlier completed missions. Is this not possible? For my purpose I need a mix of (hidden) GPS missions and open choosable other missions.

3 replies

Hey @DieterKoblenz, Thanks for the question and my apologies on the delay in getting you a response. Let me tag in a few our our local experts who might have some cool use cases and examples to share with you @Erin Labrie @Alyshahn @Amber @Vasanth 

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Hey @DieterKoblenz! Our Missions can only be released based on time, for example: “9 am on Tuesday” or “5 minutes after the Experience begins”. 

We would love to have Missions released based on another Missions completion (We internally call this gated Missions), this is something we are actively working towards, but we are not quite there yet! 

We recently chatted with a client who had a clever workaround for how to create an Experience with a ‘Gated Mission’ feel to it:

  • The gated mission (or the Mission that needs to be “unlocked”) is added to the Mission List as Mission- #25: “Under Construction” - with no content or instructions on how to complete the Mission.
  • The participants who go to a location, as directed by a previous Mission, would then be handed a card when they get there. They could also view a sign on the wall if you don’t have enough people for each location. The card would have instructions for how to complete Mission #25. 

Hopefully, this helps! Our team is happy to chat further/ brainstorm how to use Goosechase for your city tour. Feel free to email us at, and we can set up a call 😊

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Very new here and to GC. I’ve played a bit with Action Bound but GC seems much easier. From what I can tell one of the key things missing is “gated” missions.

Looking very forward to playing with this app some for several community groups I’m active in and very very much looking forward to seeing an update that includes gated options!!