can video quality be increased?

  • 19 April 2023
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I am using my experience for a documentary and need high res video quality. Is there a way to increase resolution? Thank you!

5 replies

That’s a good question @Rocket … let me look into this for you and find out. Stand by

@Rocket, I got a reply from our product team pretty quick, and unfortunately we don’t currently have options to increase the video quality - videos are optimized for performance and to save participant bandwidth when there’s lots of videos on the feed.


That being said, using Goosechase for a documentary is a use case we’ve never heard of before, it sounds so amazing. Would you mind sharing a bit oh how you were building your experience to help you with your project?

Hi @Kris thanks for the quick reply. We’re organizing the Mezcal Moto Rally. It’s a 3 day motorcycle race through Mexico. Racers test their strength, wit, and endurance, completing challenges along the way. Check out last year’s documentary: 


You can reach us at rocket[at] 




Thats so cool! Wow I wanna join!


Side note @Rocket , I don’t know what your schedule is like today but we’re hosting a free webinar on Goosechase 101 later today, and it might be helpful to see some Goosechase basics and ask some questions live!


You can RSVP here:

It starts today at 2pm EST and will run about 30-45 min

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Hi @Rocket, the moto rally sounds like a lot of fun! 🏍

So cool that you’re using Goosechase for your documentary! 🤩 Are you planning on using all video submissions as part of the documentary, or will you be selecting only a few from each Mission?

I’d love to learn a little bit more about how you’re thinking of using the content that you generate in your Goosechase. I know there’s not much time to sort things out as your Experience is live, but it would be great if we can connect to brainstorm some ideas that might work. I’ve sent you an email so we can touch base 🙂