Art in the Eye of the Beholder

  • 26 January 2023
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I have an event on horizon and would like to merge Goosechase and Art.  The obvious connection would be to find pieces of art in the area and have missions centered on those pieces or have a self guided tour of a museum.  I am looking for some other creative ideas…. maybe photography based, art element based, other?

I would love to hear what the flock has to say!  Any ideas or inspiration you may have for me is very welcome!

4 replies

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We recently went on a cultural field trip with our middle school students to Olvera St in Downtown Los Angeles. I set up a scavenger hunt for them, and they had to answer questions about different historic places and buildings, they had to take photos in front of various statues and imitate the poses in the photos, and various other challenges. It encouraged the students to have fun while forcing them to read the plaques, study the structures and learn some history! Often times students don’t take the time at a museum to REALLY look at things, so i think a GooseChase would be perfect for an art museum! 

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Thanks @Carrie Willis for the idea!  Always appreciate your creativity!

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I would suggest creating some of the tasks around particular topics/motifs/styles/imagery
for example - take a picture of a classical/Baroque/Rococo/modern art/Pop art etc..
Take a picture of a painting or a sculpture that were created before the 16th century.
Take a picture of a work of art that is showing a battle/Still-life/archeology

Take a photo of your favorite frame.

take a video selfie with your favorite piece explaining your choice.


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I heard a talk (or read an article) that said we should view museums like we do menus.  There are some many things on the menu that sound great and some that don’t.  We quickly skim the menu and then go back to the items that caught our eye, giving them deeper consideration.  It is the same with museums.  There are so many wonderful things, we can be easily overwhelmed.  We should scan all the art and then go back to the ones that resonated with us on that trip.  (Which means our focus changes with each trip to the museum.)  Our thoughts, feelings, etc. will change each time.  


Maybe ask the participant which piece resonated with them and why.