What makes for a stand out interactive tour?

  • 28 February 2023
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Interactive tours are a great way to give participants a fully immersive experience while providing them with educational information. They can be used to familiarize guests with the venue layout, give them an overview of the different offerings, and influence participants to engage with less “Sexy” exhibits.

Other than Goosechase Experiences, what other immersive / interactive experiences have you taken part in? What did they do really well that made them stick out in your mind, where did they fall short? Anything you would borrow for your own use?


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I had the opportunity to tour Beyond Van Gogh in Calgary a couple of years ago. They did an incredible job of providing a quick overview of Van Gogh’s biography that allowed everyone, art enthusiasts and first timers, to fully immerse themselves in the exhibit. That extra bit of context gave everyone the chance to just enjoy the fun and visual experience once you walked through the curtain. 🖼