🔴 Watch Recording: Applying the Visitor Service Lens to Team Building

  • 19 March 2024
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The year is 2024 and building work relations within cultural institutions has never felt more difficult. The global pandemic has changed significantly how we socialize with our peers, and institutional culture is significantly impacted by this shift. Who would have thought that an opportunity to challenge siloed workplaces would come while beta-running an experience intended for museum guests?! I shared my experience with how engagement at a company holiday party drastically impacted the norms that were seen in the museum on a daily basis in a post here in the Nest several months ago, but I believe there are ways to use this information to continue to challenge barriers in our workplaces to build more positive work culture. 


I am so pleased to have been invited to share more about this experience and lead a discussion on what it might mean for contributing to a culture conducive to communication, collaboration, and camaraderie. Join me and Goosechase’s amazing Community Manager, Craig Cordell, for a virtual talk on Wednesday, March 27 at 1pm EST / 12pm CDT to expand the conversation on team dynamics in cultural institutions and how tools like Goosechase (this is not a paid advertisement, I promise!) can impact staff relations. Feel free to RSVP here to join the conversation.


Drop any questions or topics you would like to talk about in the comments, and I hope to meet you on the 27th! 

4 replies

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Can’t wait!! 

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I’m really looking forward to this, Ele! 🤩

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Tomorrow is the big day! 🤩 

Join the flock to learn how @EleHein reimagined team building at the Chicago History Museum, and how you can too. You can even get a sneak peek on the blog before the show.

Check the event listing below 👇  and click “attend” for all the details.



See you tomorrow! 🧡 

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🔴 Missed the event? You can watch the recording here 👇 


A round of applause for @EleHein! 👏 

And thanks to all of you for attending, participating, and joining the conversation! 🙏 

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