✅ 2024 "Ins" & "Outs"

  • 9 January 2024
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It's not too late for 2024 "Ins" & "Outs" is it?

Here I go! 👇 


✅ IN

Prioritizing professional development

Time saving AI tactics

Reading time instead of TV time



Mindless scrolling

Pen and paper to-do lists

Dessert after dinner


Okay, I can't make any promises on that last one! 🍦


What's yours?

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3 replies

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✅ IN

Reading/listening to 10 mins of a personal development book each morning

Going for a run or walk every morning

More adventures on weekends! We’re collecting ideas for a Goosechase for when my family comes to visit.



No more having my phone next to me at all times

No more skipping my lunch break

No more staying up too late 😴

✅ IN

Take a planned excursion at least once a month

Make time to volunteer or offer to help others

Morning workouts at least 3 days per week



No more finishing a book I’m not enjoying (I’ll just read something else)

No more waiting for the “right time” to do something 

No more coffee after 4 pm (for the same reason as Jax-in-the-box listed… staying up too late! 😂)

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✅ IN

Visit at least one museum a month

Read/listen to professional development books/podcasts on daily walks/car rides

Get some sunshine/walk everyday



No more double screens (i.e. scrolling on social media while watching TV)

Sitting at my desk all day without breaks to stand up/walk around

No more coffee after 12 pm (same reason as Adrienne and Jax-in-the-box listed above… 😂)