Team Creation and Participant Management

  • 5 May 2023
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Our product team has recently been diving into the ways creators set up participant team creation and experience join in their Goosechase experiences. With the choice between Teams or Solo Mode, some creators pre-create all teams/participant profiles, while others let participants create their own after they join the experience. We even see some creators do both, pre-creating some teams/participant profiles while also letting participants create their own.

Taking a look at our 2022 usage data, we discovered that 22.48% of completed experiences were set up with the creator in full control of the team creation process. They pre-created all teams/participant profiles without checking the option to let participants create their own.

Since about 33.62% of experiences over the same time period contained at least one pre-created team/participant profile, this shows that when creators decide to pre-create any team/participant profile, they choose to retain full control of team creation in around two-thirds of instances.

Some of the reasons we’ve heard for pre-creating and retaining control of teams/participant profiles include:

  • Wanting to know exactly who is participating in each team/participant profile.
  • Not wanting to risk participants naming their teams/participant profiles with offensive names.

While some of the reasons we’ve heard for letting participants create their own teams/participant profiles are:

  • Not knowing how many participants will be showing up to a public Goosechase.
  • Quite simply, it’s easier and takes less time. The creator just needs to send out the Experience Join Code and let participants organize themselves.

The beauty of Goosechase is its adaptability to fit your specific needs and scenarios. So we’d like to hear from you about what those scenarios might be!

What other considerations sway your decision to maintain control of team/participant profile creation, vs. letting participants create their own?

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I have them run down the hall and grab a numbered card. When they come back, they look to a table of numbered colored puzzle pieces. They find their puzzle piece, take it to the table where others students with like-colored pieces are waiting. They assemble their puzzle. When finished, the puzzle shows directions of how to download GooseChase, create sn account, create a team, name it, and join my game, and then begin. This is how I randomly group students and get them into the game.