What is your favorite way to plan a Goosechase?

  • 11 January 2023
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Hello Flock!

What is your favorite way to get started with planning an engaging Goosechase?  Where do you get your inspiration and motivation for missions, who is your muse and how do you begin?  How do you elevate learning and involvement?  How do you excite your gaggle and get them to participate?

I’d love to hear your ideas on this topic!





4 replies

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Hello, back!  I love, love, love to find ways for creative professional development ideas.  My post-secondary students really loved Goosechase and could think of many ways to use it to interact with their students.

I like to use Goosechase when I present at conferences as a way for participants to interact with the content!

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Goosechase is one of my favorite ways to engage students, teachers and family! Who doesn’t like a challenge? Even the quiet introverts usually showout with their competitive spirit. 

First, I think about the constraints of time, space and logistics. I take a look at the mission bank to see if any of those fit my needs and then I tweak or create new ones. Then I think about my players and their personality types.I try to include options between videos and images, and whether they need to be in them every time since some players don’t always enjoy that part. Last, I think about how I want to award points and try to provide tiered options for scoring so that it makes it easier to have a winner. Sometimes I will include bonus points that are voted on by the audience for submissions that go the extra mile.


We use Goosechase here at our company during our spirit week and then for a few team building events.  During our spirit week we have a theme to the event and then a theme for each day.  We create our questions around these themes.  “The Power of us” was last years theme.  Since we are global company we need to have the questions be things that people can do in their home or find in their community.  Since everyone is still working that week, we try to make the questions too hard.  We have created hunts in English, Spanish and Portuguese as well.  Those languages can be a bit challenging, but the creators have had fun.  Our one small issue has been once everyone has signed up getting them to participate.  We usually have a few hundred that sign up but either never start or only answer one or 2 questions.  

One fun thing we have done is offer random prizes per day, that way if you know you won’t place 1st, 2nd or 3rd, you still have a chance at a prize.  

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Just had a great idea hit me!  Our granddaughters (5 and 7) are coming tomorrow from Denver, and I am going to create a scavenger hunt around our house (it is cold outside)…

they would love it!

Now I just have to put it together in the next few hours! :-0