Using AI to help with Mission Ideas

  • 30 January 2023
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With all the buzz around AI and ChatGPT the past few months, I wanted to see if AI could help create Mission ideas. Nothing beats the carefully curated Missions of a Goosechase creator who really knows their audience, but sometimes that creativity block is real and you need a little help. (Am I right?) 

Turns out, AI can be surprisingly pretty helpful.

Check this out…


Read more about my ChatGPT test here →


Has anyone else run any cool tests with AI yet?

5 replies

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Using A.I. for GooseChase seems like a brilliant idea… or scary, depending on how many sci-fi movies you’ve seen 😆...

I suppose this is not a directly related to A.I., but it is related to the results you shared. I have wanted to make a more dynamic experience through GC, something like having missions open up based on previous solutions you’ve submitted. The A.I.s #1 and #2 missions would do this by having the answers for #2 change based on selections in #1. 

From my experience, to accomplish #1 you would have to have a text mission with the answer accepting every possible combination of 5 for all the capitals of the world, input manually. I can’t think of a way to accomplish #2 realistically in Goosechase.

Is there a way to do this kind of dynamic experience (or something similar, like a choose your own adventure path) that I’m not aware of?

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@RetChaser Thank you so much for sharing this idea. I love how you framed this as a potential AI opportunity… I hadn’t even thought of it that way but that certainly could be very cool. 

This kind of ‘dynamic’ experience is certainly something we are actively thinking about currently behind the scenes at Goosechase. It’s a common request to be able to direct people through an Experience based on participant responses, and we are currently thinking through how simple or complex that needs to be. At it’s most basic, it might be as simple as completing Mission #1 unlocks Mission #2. But I think what you mean is that, depending on how the participants responds to Mission #1, you might take them either to Mission #2 or Mission #3? Both of which are otherwise “hidden” to the user until Mission #1 is completed. Am I understanding what you mean correctly?

I can’t give any promises or timelines on when this functionality might be available but it is certainly high on our radar - and this kind of feedback is super helpful to us! 💡

In answer to @Katie’s question… A great example of AI that I just saw recently was Intercom’s new feature that allows you to change the “tone” of a piece of text. For example, make it more formal, or even translate it into another language. It could potentially open up a lot of interesting uses for Goosechase users. Perhaps if you have an Experience for 5th-8th Grade, a creator might want to duplicate it and use AI to rewrite the content of the missions to be more appropriate for 9th-12th Grade, for example. Or perhaps create a duplicate version of an Experience in Spanish or French. Just some thoughts!  

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@Alice Sorry, I guess I was not super clear.

At first I was discussing a linear progression where completing Mission #1 leads to Mission #2 and so on; this would be a pre-defined path through the missions that was the same for everyone. Then in my question I was also asking about a choose your own path idea which would be a branching experience based on each participant’s answers. In the second case, Mission #1 might lead to Mission #2 or Mission #3 depending on the submission to Mission #1. 

I have not played around with the GooseChase Script much, but it seems to have some of the functionality (tracking a factor (time) then altering the experience based on changes to that condition) that would be needed to accomplish either of these kinds of experiences. I wonder if you could implement Script’s functionality on devices locally instead of pushing it out from the top during an experience. That would give you the ability to make different changes for each participant, then you would just need to expand it to look for other factors like mission submissions… 🤷 

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In the second case, Mission #1 might lead to Mission #2 or Mission #3 depending on the submission to Mission #1. 

@RetChaser this makes total sense to me! And definitely something we are currently exploring. It would unlock a ton of potential in terms of how Goosechase Experiences could become more tailored and immersive. 

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This was such a smart idea. I just used chatgbt to make some missions right now.