The Vendor Social

  • 26 January 2023
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Vendors sponsor a conference for exposure.  I have enlisted Goosechase to get attendees to flock to vendor booths and interact with the vendors that are helping make our conference a success.  It is so much fun to see the vendors and participants interact to complete missions.  We also got creative in our mission titles and tasks so that the vendor and/or company name was included.  And, the winner got the Vendor Social grand prize (donated by the vendors).  Past prizes have included drones, Alexa, Swivl, and a Chromebook!  Not bad for a bunch of fun!


Game sample:

2 replies

This is such a rad idea @JRErickson. Also so awesome that you shared the template to your experience!!


… we’ll have an “official” spot for that very soon ;)

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This is pretty great. I’m curious as for the financial model for this project. Who paid for it? What was the end goal of this project?