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  • 16 February 2023
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I think a lot of new creators would say that the hardest part of building out your first Goosechase experience is… actually building out the experience. And not to take anything away from those struggles, but thankfully that learning curve isn’t too big AND once you’ve got it figured out… you’re flying!

The real struggle is… once you have your masterpiece built, what then? What’s the point of having this great experience if no one knows about it?

So my question is… What are your top 3 ways to motivate people to participate in your Experiences? This can be from a promotion of your experience, communication, education, etc. 

2 replies

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Hey! From working so closely with our creators, I’ve collected some helpful honks along the way 🤩

A favourite way to motivate people to participate in an Experience is to offer incentives! 🎉 People tend to be naturally competitive, so leaning into this can be a great way to capture interest, especially if there are prizes or rewards involved. Prizes don’t always have to be big, either—if you’re running Experiences for your team, gift cards are great! Don’t forget that bragging rights go a long way, too! 

Next, be sure to promote, promote, promote! 📣 Use all channels available to you to promote your Experience. Whether it be on social media, via an email newsletter, or flyers or posters, be sure to shout out your event from the rooftops. To help build up the hype, check out our Event Promotion toolkit — it includes free, easy-to-use resources to help you promote your Experience!

Encourage participants to join your future Experiences by collecting their contact details 💌 Many creators love to leverage the power of text Missions to ask participants if they’d like to provide their email address to be notified about future Experiences!


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Great ideas @Erin! From my experience in tourism, we often worked with attractions, restaurants, and businesses that built incredible events and activities but stopped short of sharing and promoting them to their community. The event promotion toolkit you shared is such a game changer for creating a successful Experience! 🚀