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  • 14 October 2022
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Hi Nest Community, 

​We’ve assembled a list of our Community offerings where you can either participate and contribute yourself, or just attend, learn best practices and become even more successful with Goosechase. 

🪺Meet The Nest by Goosechase Community

  • Introduce yourself 
    • The best way to take flight on your Goosechase community journey - meet your fellow Goosechase creators and network.
  • Join a ‘gaggle’ (or two)
    • A gaggle is a term to describe a group of geese. Our gaggles/groups are where you can connect with people who share your interests, specific Goose-case, and discuss what you love.
  • Attend events 
    • Learn best practices, share ideas and make connections at our virtual events. Want to host an event for your fellow creators? Reach out to our Community Team at

🎨 Unleash your creativity and get inspired

  • Share templates to your own experiences
    • Part of being an all-star Goosechase creator means you’ve run an interactive experience or two (or more) in your time, and that means you know how to make Goosechase do some pretty remarkable things. As the saying goes, Sharing Is Caring! If you’re able to share a copy link to your past Goosechase experiences it will truly help those members just starting out to see how it’s done. Plus we’re ok if you want to boast a little 😘
  • Share the love on social media.
    • We love seeing all your expert tips and unique interactive Goosechase experiences. Be sure to tag up (@Goosechase) on LinkedIn and (@Goosechase) on other channels like Twitter and Instagram. While we can’t share everything, we’ll always try and leave a comment to amplify your post. Don’t forget to give us a follow too! 

2 replies

Ah do you mean here 



In this case it is written correctly. What we’re hoping for down the line is that our creators share a link to the experiences/games they’ve created as a template so others can copy missions and the structure

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Thanks for clarifying Kris!  I will still be on the look out for bugs and typos 🙂!