GooseChase as a Road Rally

  • 11 January 2023
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I just wanted to take a minute and share my Goosechase experience and how our school has benefitted from it.

Each year my wife and I create a Road Rally through GC as part of a fundraising effort for the PTA at our children’s school while another team of volunteers works to secure physical donations (which are auctioned off as a more traditional part of the fundraiser, this will be relevant later 😉). To participate in the Road Rally, each student pays an entrance fee and receives the access code for our Road Rally Experience and that year’s custom shirt (or other branded swag) which businesses can also sponsor.

As items come in we maintain a list of donor businesses which we use to create clues in our Experience along with some school related text missions and local points of interest/historical sites. The donation team is able to use the fact that there are going to be clues leading people to their doorstep when approaching a business for a donation which can help us get some nice items for the auction. 

On the day of the Road Rally, we start the Experience and the kids have 2 hours to figure out clues and submit photos of their team (or themselves) with the sign or building that each clue led them to in the background.

The kids have a ton of fun running around with their team taking pictures and trying to work out the clues, and the PTA ends up with a successful fundraiser… winners all around!!


2 replies

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Great idea!!


@RetChaser Thanks so much for sharing this! As I was mentioning in the other thread, this is something my kids school has been discussing but struggling to figure out exactly how to execute it. 


I like the sponsor aspect of using clues to drive local biz traffic as a means to garner sponsorship dollars (for shirts) as well as sweet prizes! And also the whole t-shirt idea for the kids is so awesome!!


Thanks for sharing, colour me inspired!