Fun outdoor Mission ideas

  • 20 April 2023
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Goosechase is all about getting out of your seats and if the sun is out, you may as well get outside as well! 

Here are a few outdoor ideas to get your creativity flowing: 


  1. Do your Missions involve drawing? Swap out the pencils and paper for sidewalk chalk

  2. Instead of a one-word answer text Mission, have them make the answer out of sticks they find on the ground and take a picture, or lie on the ground and spell it out with their bodies for a group Mission. 

  3. Take your participants on a nature walk with a checklist of items to find. These can be simple like "the coolest rock" or "3 different leaves" or as difficult as a specific species of tree, or landmark. 

  4. Instead of having participants have a coffee meet-up in the break room to get to know one another, have them take walk together around a local park or even a walk around the building at lunch. 

  5. Keep your participants active by having a contest to see who can get the most steps in by the end of the week. Most phones count steps now, so no smart-watch is needed. A video of them getting as many steps as they can in 30 seconds would also be fun too - but make them do it outside 😉! 

  6. Attach a string to your destination and wind it around trees, lamp posts, benches or anything along the way. Attach your participants to the string with a carabiner, or safety pin, or have them roll up the string on an empty toilet paper roll and watch them wind their way to the destination. Don't forget to have them check in with a GPS Mission at the end, or take a photo mid-unwinding for some great candid shots in the Activity feed. 

  7. Maybe easiest of all, have your participants share a picture of them doing their favourite activity in the sunshine, it's a great way to learn about everyone's hobbies and encourage bonding over similar interests. 


Share below other fun outdoor Missions or any favourite spring/summer Missions that you've used in previous Experiences!

3 replies


Here are a few that I’ve cut/paste into this reply. It has been fun to see how students interpret each prompt!



  • Party Time

    400 PTS

    Go outside, celebrate life and dance like nobody's watching!

  • First Land Dwellers

    1011 PTS

    Who were the first people to inhabit this area? Find out! Do a little research if you don't know. Tell us their name(s) if you find that and something about them! (This can be morphed to be outside… I think it’s time we start honoring original cultures, so have added this into most of the chases that I facilitate)

  • Stop and Smell the Flowers!

    400 PTS

    Find some lovely blooming flowers. Take a photo of someone in your group smelling them.

  • Now THAT's A Workout!

    500 PTS

    Show us how the outdoors are your gym. Push-ups, picking up rocks, hanging from trees, climbing trees? Tagline for your camera person to say: "Now THAT's A WORKOUT!"

  • Seasonal Confusion?

    500 PTS

    Show us an "out of season" event done in the "wrong" season.

  • Art is Nature is Art is Magic is Nature

    600 PTS

    What artistic endeavor interests your team? A nature mandala? Leave gradients of color? Your team's interpretation of this mission name please!

  • National Geographic

    600 PTS

    Take a video of your team members roaming the great wilderness. Have the cameraperson narrate the team's movements and interactions David Attenborough style

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@kimberly Phoenix -Rose Love these! I’m totally stealing ‘Seasonal Confusion’ for a summer Experience.

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@kimberly Phoenix -Rose Fun ideas! I would love to hear how students interpret ‘David Attenborough style’ in 2023 😄