Expired Missions

  • 3 February 2023
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I am running a year long event with GooseChase with new monthly missions every month (usually 12-15 new missions). It would be great if you could archive old missions without team members losing their points. As we are now on the 9th month and it makes for a very large list of missions I need to scroll through as the creator. Every month I have to click and drag new missions up to the top and in the order I need. Maybe there is an easier way I am unaware of? Or maybe something to update in the future. 

1 reply

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Hi @Emschofield_bsucase, our apologies for jumping in on this one a bit late 🙈 

The best advice I have for managing this is from the participant perspective within the app. To prevent the Mission list from potentially being too full (especially if some participants won’t be completing all of the Missions), you can set the Mission status for those older Missions to ‘hidden.’ This way, participants will not be able to see or complete the Mission. 

That said, we love your idea about being able to archive older Missions within the Experience Manager to make it easier for you to navigate the Mission list as the creator. While this isn’t possible at the moment, I’ve sent you a message privately to arrange a time to chat about this further.

For anyone reading this post, give this comment a thumbs up if this is a feature that would make your job as a creator easier 👍