Add a Picture Suggestion!! Honk!

  • 11 May 2023
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I think it would save so much time if there were pre-populated pictures for missions. 

I often like to add pictures to my missions so that they are eye catching and grab the attention of the players. It takes time to comb the internet and then upload them to Goosechase. I would love it if there were a drop down menu similar to the one in Microsoft Outlook where it suggests stock images and online images. What does everyone else think?




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What an awesome suggestion @vivian! I really think this idea has a lot of merit. I’m curious like you if others might make use of this as well. What say you @CatRush, @JRErickson, @Rocket, @nadantzur @drfry2 , @drgose 

Having just run a Goosechase for our Hike ‘n Honk experience last month, there were quite a few missions that a stock image would have elevated just a notch. Definitely a nice to have!

Also… love the time you spent to not only draft a post with your idea but also back it up with image supports!

I love riffing on ideas so keep em coming!

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Access to stock images that are copyright free would be great.  

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@Kris  Thank you very much. I am glad I was able to get my idea across. 

@CatRush  Exactly! That would be great. Stock Images and gifs. 


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I noticed gifs don’t work in Goosechase. @Kris any way to make goosechase support it?