5 things Geese can teach us about teamwork

  • 13 February 2023
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So for an event planned for Xmas, we had a rail-strike announced late which meant we had to move the date. With nearly 100 people signed up to play, it was a bit of a disappointment though we didn’t want  hold the event where many who wanted to come wouldn’t be able to. To cheer everyone up, I summarised the 5 things Geese can teach us about teamwork!

You’ve possibly read these before, but maybe not in such a short list. Everyone loved it & our event in late January was an outstanding success.

So sharing if you’d like to re-use!

  1. Geese Fly Further Together - The Flying V means each bird, as it flaps its wings, is creating lift for their fellow birds, allowing them to fly further with less effort.
  2. Geese Support Each Other When Times are Tough: When a goose gets injured, two others fall out of formation to stay with the goose until it is able to fly again.
  3. Geese Take Turns Leading: Due to the lift created in the V formation, there is no one creating lift for the front goose. This leadership position gets tiring & exhausts even the strongest lead goose. So the front goose job rotates between all members.
  4. Geese Cheer Progress: Geese can be heard honking loudly while they fly. This honking is a way to communicate with and encourage the flock on their long flights. The geese in behind honk at the ones in the front, to encourage them to maintain their speed and keep flying towards their goal.
  5. Geese are Loyal to their Purpose: Geese don’t alter their migration route, they always return to the same areas on each flight. Their goal remains the same. As the goslings grow they learn from the older members of the flock and in doing so, maintain the purpose or goal of the flock, year after year.

2 replies

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I love this!  Thank you for posting!

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This is awesome! 😃