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  • 14 April 2023
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Are you relatively new in your Goosechase experience creation journey? Or are you more of an experienced vet?


Well, regardless of your spot in the pecking order of experience mastery, we’ve got a great new series of event for creators of all shapes, sizes and experience levels!


Join us for the first of three events in our Goosechase -01 series, next week where we’ll be joined (on Zoom) by the magnificent @Erin from our team.


These events will share helpful tips, tricks and best practices on everything from Experience building basics, to Mission planning and something we’re calling Advanced Chasin’!


Tune in to hear some pro tips, or to share your own! As the saying goes, a high wind raises all Geese!


Check out the first of the series WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19th!


Full details here: 


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Can’t wait to see everyone there! 🤩

What a great way to kick off our first ever live community webinar event! A big thanks to @Erin for being the Goosiest hostest with the mostest as she walked everyone through some Goosechase 101: Experience Basics last week. The event was a great introduction for your would be creators looking to execute your first ever Goosechase, but for the seasoned vets who attended, it was a great refresher of the basics (a good way to eliminate any bad habits).

If you weren’t able to attend, no worries, we’ve got the slides in PDF form attached here, as well as the link and password to the call recording for your viewing pleasure.

Got any questions on the basics, feel free to toss them up here!


Call Recording:

Passcode: 1SXhAQ+8



And if you enjoyed this, be sure to RSVP for the event in the series: Mission planning

Which you can find here: 


Goooood Afternoon Nest fans!

It’s been a month since our inaugural Community 101 Event, and it’s time for the next instalment of our event series.

Next Wednesday, May 17th the wonderful @Erin Labrie will be getting into the weeds with some pro-tips and tricks around Missions and Mission Planning.

Keep in mind these events are good for creators of all experience levels so whether you’re new to Goosechase or you’ve planned a mission two, all are welcome!


Click below for details and to RSVP:


Howdy Flock! 

Our second monthly event was a bunch of fun, we took a step up from our Experience Basics in Goosechase 101 and went deep into Mission Possibilities. Our Mission master @Erin lead the charge and wow’d and excited those in attendance with some pro-tips and #helpfulhonks

If you missed out, don’t worry, check out below for all the details!


Call recording link can be found below (with password) or on the event page:
Passcode: E*ZY*a4E



Quick should out of thanks to: @jbryan1017 @erinmoriarty10 @mike @Alachua County SWRR for attending!

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👋🏻 Hi everyone!

It’s time for the next instalment of our event series!

Join me next Wednesday, June 14, to get some helpful honks that are sure to make your next Experience even better! Advanced Chasin’ will walk you through how to use automation scripts, understand your analytics dashboard, engage your participants, send messages, and some fun ideas on how to wrap up once all the submissions are in!

This event is geared to seasoned creators with a solid foundation and understanding of Experience set up fundaments, however, it can also be a source of inspiration for newer creators to help illustrate the power and possibilities of the platform 🤩

Click below for details and to RSVP:


Can’t wait to see you all there!