Introducing: The Goosechase Mission Generator ✨

  • 22 February 2024
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For anyone who has ever sat down to create a new Mission and completely drawn a blank on where to start, this tool is for you!

Built using ChatGPT, the Goosechase Mission Generator will instantly create up to 10 new Missions for you, based on the topic and audience of your Experience.

Once you’ve generated your Missions, simply copy and paste them into your Experience.

As the Generator is still in beta mode, we're not only excited for you to use it, but we'd also love to get feedback. Should it have more input options? Are the Mission ideas no good? Should it be more integrated in the platform? Does it use too many goose puns? Feel free to drop any feedback in this thread 🧵 or reach out to our customer support team.

Try the Goosechase Mission Generator Now! >>


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