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  • 13 March 2023
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📚 This month we talked all things Experience Template Library, chock-full of 250+ ready-to-use templates that are ready to run, you can easily search for topics or holidays, use them for inspiration, or customize each Mission for your community. 

📼 If you started your first job somewhere between the 80s and ‘00s, we can bet a corporate training video was part of the agenda. We compiled 9 of the best retro training videos for your viewing pleasure!

🤫 “Quiet hiring” is often uttered in the same breath as other recent-ish trends like “quiet firing” and “quiet quitting.” The good news is this particular brand of quiet offers something far more promising: the prospect of incorporating new skill sets into your workplace simply by giving existing employees new responsibilities. So what’s the deal with quiet hiring?  

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