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  • 2 April 2024
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My game goes live to players on April 19. One of the missions that requires getting a GPS tag takes place at a specific time range and place on April 22. We don’t want players to be able to get that GPS tag until the designated time on the 22nd, however, we want them to be able to see the mission on the 19th so that they can make plans.

How should we set up the automation to do that? 


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2 replies

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Hey Casey!


To achieve this, I’d recommend having the GPS mission status as ‘Expired’ when your Experience starts. When a mission is expired, participants can see it but won’t be able to complete it. I’d even add in the mission description “This mission will be available to complete on April 22nd”, so that your participants can prepare and won’t be too confused by the Expired status.

The automation for the GPS mission would then be ‘set mission status to available” on April 22!

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Brilliant (or should I say Honk-tastic)! Thanks, Ally!